my first wedding

Wow, I can remember it like yesterday. I remember thinking back and forth about if I should or shouldn't enter into the wedding photography business. I loved to capture special moments in a unique way. But was I ready to do weddings? I think we have all had those times in our life that we questioned what we loved and if we could do it. And that was where I was. So I was sharing this with a dear friend Brandy and she said, "just go for it, you can do it!" Little did I know that Brandy was setting me up.

A few weeks later Brandy calls me saying, "I need you, my brother is getting married and their photographer just bailed on them. The wedding is next week... can you do it?" After a moment to grasp the realization of this passion coming to a test, I said, "Yes!"

I don't think I ever studied, looked up tips and played with my camera more than I did that week. I had to be ready. It was my responsibility to capture a once and a lifetime event and it was my duty to do it the best I could. From that moment, it grabbed me, I was hooked. The day was long, my body was tired and sore, but my heart was full of joy.

Thank you Brandy and Thank you Malinda and Cruz for letting me into your special day and capture those special moments. It was truly an honor that you would take this aspiring photographer without much to go off of. I won't ever forget that day!

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